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American Z Line - Z Scale - 42-ft NSC Coil Cars - US Steel (USSX) #170500 - Yellow/Black w/Coloured logo (SKU 163-903417-1)

Available On: September 1, 2015



NEW BODY STYLE – NSC COIL CARS! Yes, for May, AZL has an all new, and long awaited, body style. These are the 42’ NSC coil cars. These are not your average freight car. AZL has put in an extreme amount of detailing in these cars. Here is what you can expect:

- Over 40 individual parts per car!
- Numerous add on details
- Removable coil shields
- Detailed interior trough
- Adjustable coil separator plates
- Intricate pad printing
- Blackened metal wheels
- AZL AutoLatch couplers

$52.00 US