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Athearn - N Scale - 30,000-Gallon Ethanol Tank Car - 3/Pack - Union Tank Car (UTLX) Set #3 - White/Black (SKU 140-16510)

Available On: March 1, 2019



Modern ethanol tank cars have a 30,000-gallon capacity.

Most tank cars are owned by railcar leasing companies. Many are leased to the ethanol producing companies and carry their company logos. Fuel dealers, small refineries and other industries receive single cars and small blocks of cars that are mixed into freight trains. Large gasoline refineries may receive 100-car unit trains several times per week.


  • Separately applied walkway platform, manway, outlet, ladders, brake rigging detail, safety rail supports and tank saddles
  • Photo etched metal walkways and end platforms
  • Wire safety rails and end handrails
  • Printed placards
  • 100-ton roller bearing trucks with 36” machined metal wheels
  • Separately applied brake wheel
  • Screw mounted trucks
  • Body mounted McHenry operating knuckle couplers
  • Weighted for trouble free operation
  • Clear plastic jewel box for convenient storage
  • Operates on Code 55 and 80 rail
  • Minimum radius: 11”
  • Recommended radius: 15”

$84.98 US