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Micro-Trains - N Scale - 89' Tri-Level Closed Autorack - CP Rail (CP) Black, Gray w/White Lettering, CP Rail Placard & Horizontal Yellow Reflectors, moderate weathering (PWRS Exclusive) 3-Pack - Not Available Through Micro-Trains (SKU 489-11190003)

Available On: August 1, 2018

CP Rail 89 ft Tri-Level Closed Autorack

This 89ft tri-level closed autorack is black with white lettering and a CP Rail placard, and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This design became the universal standard for most railroads by the mid-1970s, as it prevents vandalism and pilferage and helps to protect vehicles from the elements and is commonly used to this day.

Limited Run PWRS – Micro-Trains 3-car Runner Pack

Order yours today through your PORTERS account and earn valuable Micro-Trains Manufacturers Credits towards select PWRS PORTERS Micro Trains Club Lounge Cars.


  • Limited one time production run of these 3 road numbers
  • Micro-Trains trucks and couplers
  • Accurate painting and printing with correct road numbers for each paint scheme.
  • Cars will feature moderate weathering to reflect real world appearance

The Official Micro Trains SKU numbers for the individual cars in the set are (for purposes of collectors):

 3- Pack of Canadian Pacific  NSE MTL18-152

111 91 003  CP 556287  NSE MTL18-149
111 92 003  CP 556290  NSE MTL18-150
111 93 003  CP 596330  NSE MTL18-151

$189.98 US