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Athearn - N Scale - PS-2 2600 Cuft Covered Hoppers - Grand Trunk Western (GT) #138030 - Light Gray/Red (SKU 140-16318)

Available On: October 1, 2019


PROTOTYPE AND BACKGROUND INFO:The PS-2 2600 cu ft covered hopper first entered service inthe 1960s. The car was popular for cement and sand serviceand could still be found in use well into the 2000s. The mostcommon service was cement and sand. Occassionally usedas buffer cars in instances were a bulk load was not protectedby a bulkhead, for example an uprotected lumber load onflat car would require a buffer car between the load and thelocomotive.


  • Fully assembled and ready for your layout
  • Etched metal roofwalks
  • Flush or overhanging roof per prototype
  • Factory installed wire roofwalk grab irons
  • Prototype specific details including flush or overhang roof and round or trough hatches
  • Weighted for optimum performance
  • McHenry knuckle spring couplers installed
  • Minimum radius: 9 ¾”



$25.98 US