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Broadway Limited Imports - Paragon 3 - N Scale - EMD SD40-2 - DCC w/Sound - Conrail (CR) #6391 - Blue/White (SKU 187-3710)

Available On: January 1, 2019

The SD40-2 was introduced in January 1972 as part of EMD’s Dash 2 series, responding to competing products from GE and ALCO. Reliability and versatility of the 3,000-horsepower SD40-2 made it the best-selling model in EMD’s history and the standard of the industry for several decades after its introduction. The SD40-2 was an improvement over the SD40, with modular electronic control systems similar to those of the experimental SD45X and DDA40X. The last SD40-2 delivered to a United States railroad was built in July 1984, with production continuing for railroads in Canada until 1988.


  • ABS Body with die cast chassis for maximum tractive effort
  • Precision drive mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation
  • Premium caliber painting with authentic paint schemes
  • Prototypical light operation with golden white LED headlight, rear light
  • (2) Operating Micro-Trains #1015 or compatible couplers
  • Separately applied handrails, ladders, whistle, and brass bell
  • Will Operate on Code 55, 70, and 80 Rail
  • Recommended minimum radius: 9.75 inches
  • Paragon3 sound & operation system rolling thunder with authentic sounds and prototypical operation in both DC and DCC environments
  • Integral DCC decoder with back EMF for slow speed operation in DC and DCC
  • Operates in DC & DCC (use DCMaster for DC sound)
  • Record & play operation - records and plays back sounds and movements once or repeatedly for automatic operation
  • 16-bit sample rate for exceptional high frequency sound clarity
  • Alternate whistle/horn where applicable for locomotive with air horn and steam whistle - both the main whistle and alternate can be easily played
  • Adjustable bell ringing interval for faster or slower bell
  • Numerous user-mappable functions with available keys
  • Passenger station ambient sounds - controlled with function key
  • Freight yard related radio chatter - controlled with function key
  • Lumber yard ambient sounds - controlled with function key
  • Farm related radio chatter - controlled with function key
  • Crew radio communications - controlled with function key
  • Maintenance yard related radio chatter - controlled with function key
  • Demo mode for display and demonstrations
  • Simple programming with Integral DCC decoder
  • Individually adjustable sound volumes for most effects

$249.99 US