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Athearn - N Scale - 30 Ft 3-Window Caboose - Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) #01134 - Light Brown With White Lettering & White Vertical Visibility Lines (SKU 140-14443)

Available On: March 1, 2020


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Perhaps one of the most recognizable icons of American railroading, the caboose completed the train. Cabooses provide shelter for crew at the end of a train, who were long required for switching and shunting, and to keep a lookout for load shifting, damage to equipment and cargo, and overheating axles.



• Fully assembled and ready for your layout

• Molded truss rods with turnbuckles (as appropriate)

• Clear window glazing

• Painted steps (as appropriate)

• Razor sharp painting and printing

• Molded plastic underframe with brake cylinder

• Screw mounted trucks for accurate tracking

• Body mounted McHenry knuckle spring couplers installed


Order Due Date: March 22, 2019

Anticipated Delivery Date: March 2020

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