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River Point Station - N Scale - 2 assembled models per pkg - 1992 Ford F Series Super Duty Super Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup Trucks - Single Rear Wheel - Long Box - White w/Sheriff Graphics (SKU 618-N36L65777)

Available On: July 1, 2019





The service trucks (kit and built-up) will include a pair of etched stainless steel mirrors for customer self-installation. Shallow dimples on the service truck provide location point for drilling #80 holes with a pin vise. This will offer a slight press fit for the fragile mirrors. Pledge Future Floor coating makes a great bonding agent that does not fog the windows.

The models are sold in packs of 2 identical vehicles, as indicated. Railroad vehicles and other decorated vehicles, as appropriate, are packaged 1-pickup and 1-service truck per package. Models are not furnished with lightbars, but a 90s era lightbar accessory set is available for customer decorating and installation.  Extra packages of mirrors will also be available.

$32.00 US