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Bluford Shops - N Scale - International Car Bay Window Caboose - Norfolk Southern (NS) #555201 - Red/White w/Shoving platform (SKU 188-40080)

Available On: August 1, 2020

Over the years the design of the bay windows evolved and Bluford Shops is presenting four phases of these designs plus the iconic half-bay window edition. All five will be represented in this announcement. Ladders and running boards will be included on appropriate paint schemes for each version.

As the caboose era drew to a close in the late 1980s, many of these cars started new careers as “shoving platforms.” In this case, they would lead trains up branchlines where there were no opportunities for the locomotives to run around the train for the return trip. A crew member could safely ride the platform and be the eyes of the engineer. Norfolk Southern has a number of shoving platforms and it appears no two of them are exactly alike. We present two cars both of which were inherited from Conrail and are equipped with half-bay windows. NS 555201 has the medium size NS logo and the windows intact. NS 555200 has the large NS logo and all but the front and rear facing windows blanked. The two cars also differ in roof trim, brake stand, railing, and grab iron colors.


  • magnetically operating knuckle couplers 
  • Fox Valley Models metal wheels
  • wire grab irons
  • window “glass”
  • plenty of weight

$39.95 US