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Kato - N Scale - EMD SD70ACe Locomotive w/ Nose Headlight - DCC Equipped w/Loksound - Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) #8527 - Orange/Yellow/Black - Isolated Cab (SKU 381-1768524LS)

Available On: April 1, 2020

 New Tooling!

 This production will feature brand new body tooling to match the 'Spirit' locomotives!

This Christmas, Kato USA will be doing a new run of SD70ACe locomotives using the new tooling devised originally for the SD70ACe “Spirit” engine – leveraging the new Nose headlight tooling, these BNSF engines will reflect later production “Isolated Cab” models of the SD70ACe. Ideal for modelers looking to expand their BNSF fleets! Run these engines with Kato’s Bethgon Protein Gondolas for prototypical high-priority freight operation!

These new run SD70ACe’s will be available in Analog (DC), Factory DCC, and Special order DCC+Sound versions, and will come in three different road numbers!

$335.00 US