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Kadee - HOn3 Scale - Assembled Metal Couplers - Black (SKU 380-705)


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The #705 Metal Coupler will work anywhere a #713 or #714 Coupler will work.

This industry leading coupler features an all metal coupler head, shank, and centering spring and comes assembled complete with and insulated draft gearbox and lid. The #705 Metal Coupler may be body mounted on any flat surface; HOn3-Scale locomotives or rolling stock.

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gearbox to avoid possible electrical crossover and shorting that may cause damage.


Fully Assembled - Not Recommended to be Disassembled.


Also adaptable to TT-Scale


#705 Coupler Instructions


Two pair per package


UPC: 765484007050


USA Flag  Made in the U.S.A.


Patent numbers 5,316,158


Package Includes:

  • (2) Pair Assembled #705 Metal Couplers in #705 Gearboxes
  • (2) Pair 00-90 x 3/16"


#705 Metal Coupler Features:

Material  -   Metal
Shank Length  -   Medium (7/32") (center hole to back of coupler head)
Coupler Offset  -   Centerset
Head  -   Scale Head


#705 Snap-Together Gearbox Features:

Material  -   Insulated Plastic
Lid Type  -   Snap-Together
Dimensions  -   23/64"L x 15/64"W x 7/64"H


Mounting Specifications:

Mounting Height  -   11/32"
Centerline  -   9/32"
Trip Pin Height  -   1/32"
Center Hole  -  00-90 Screw. (Screw length will vary) no less then 3/16 length.


Recommended Tools:

  • #704 Coupler Height Gauge
  • #231 Greas-em Dry Graphite Lubricant
  • #237 Coupler Trip Pin Pliers
  • #239 Mark V Gripper
  • #240 Double Headed Pin Vise
  • #241 Dual Tool

    Delayed Magnetic Uncoupling

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