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American Z Line - Z Scale - Gunderson Maxi-I - 5-car Set # 73147 - TTX Logo/Southern Pacific (SKU 163-906501-3)

Available On: January 1, 2020


Gunderson introduced their MAXI-I articulated cars in 1988, with the first run lasting until 1990. During that time, 270 cars were built for railroads such as the Southern Pacific , Trailer Train, Maersk and Rail-Bridge. The cars could carry two 20ft containers or a single 40ft container in their well. A larger 48ft or even 53ft container could be positioned on top of the lower container. With the high demand for interrelation carriers to move 40ft containers, the railroads revised the design. In 2000, the BNSF placed new orders for these cars. Production of these cars continues to this day. 

The cars feature metal chassis with etched metal details and add-on parts. The cars also feature AZL's Auto-Latch couplers and roller bearing trucks. Containers are sold separately. The packaging includes slots for ten 40ft containers.

10-Pack of Containers to be released soon.

New Road Names coming in Summer of 2020.

$169.00 US