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Micro-Trains - N Scale - North American Petroleum Tank Car Series - 56 ft General Service Tank Car - Procor (PROX) - (PWRS Exclusive) 4-Pack - Not Available Through Micro-Trains (SKU 489-11090040X)

Available On: August 1, 2021


Green Procor Tank Cars with heavy weathering on top third of car


2 cars with the Procor Company Name


2 Cars without the Procor Company Name



Previously released Green TILX tank cars by Micro Trains for PWRS

TILX 262240 8 reflectors Green




  • Limited one time production run of these 4 road numbers
  • Micro-Trains trucks and couplers
  • Accurate painting and printing with correct road numbers for each paint scheme.
  • Cars will feature subdued gray (used to be yellow) reflective markings and light weathering to reflect real world appearance
  • All cars are moderate ‘general’ weathering, heavier on top 1/3 and along belly and ends. Very subtle differences in weathering between cars.
  • All cars will have road number & reporting mark on the top of the tank car


The Official Micro Trains SKU numbers for the individual cars in the set are (for purposes of collectors):

110 91 040X  –  Car 1  TILX 75148  NSE MTL 19-10X
110 92 040X  –  Car 2  TILX xxxxx  NSE MTL 19-10X
110 93 040X  –  Car 3  TILX 75401  NSE MTL 19-10X
110 94 040X  –  Car 4  TILX xxxxx  NSE MTL 19-10X

Reservations Due By: May 31st, 2020

Expected Release: October 2020 August 2021

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$189.98 US