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American Z Line (AZL) - Z Scale - Structure (Kit) - Raildig LED Stick-Ons - Complete 2-Pack - Warm White (SKU 163-Raildig-222)






Z Scale




Raildig LED Stick-Ons Complete 2-Pack Warm White


We love LEDs in Z scale, but they can be just a bit fiddly to hook up. Here's an all-in-the-package designed to work with Rokuhan Controllers, Rokuhan Accessory Switches and the Rokuhan A016 Accessory Power Terminal.


All you have to do is Twist, Plug & Play!


  • 2 surface mount LEDs with Scotch-brand double sided foam squares applied. Each LED has a 24" length of custom twisted wire, stripped at the ends, for easier installation into the included Quick Connect plug. We really like this wire as it’s thin, easy to handle, is very flexible and it tends to hold its shape.
  • Quick Connect plug with a Rokuhan A016 compatible plug attached. A #4 screw is included if you’d like to permanently attach the Quick Connect plug to the underside of your layout. These are simple but very effective little wire holders.
  • 6 foam-backed adhesive wire clips. These can help in making your wires just a bit more organized under the layout. The double stick foam on these clips is not as aggressive as the Scotch double sided foam we use on the lights, but these will hold in place if applied to a clean, non-porous surface.
  • Alcohol wipes for cleaning non-porous surfaces prior to applying LEDs / wire clips.
  • Instruction Sheet.



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