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Electric Wallpaper Company - N Scale - Crafton Avenue Service Station - Includes 2 rooms, vending machine, service counter, tool chest, wiper box, 2 warm white LEDs with plugs (SKU 2643-02-401-01)

Available On: January 1, 2021

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  N Scale


Roomette Kits are a great way to further customize and bring select DPM structures to life. Each Kit contains laser-cut rooms that give the illusion of 3D details, as well as LEDs compatible with the Just Plug Lighting System, One Light Hub and Power Supply needed to power included LEDs.


Rooms are laser-cut printed cardstock for a precision fit. No measuring or complex cutting is required.  Just separate them from the card, fold and glue. Attach the LEDs provided and glue the rooms into your buildings. Then sit back and enjoy your light show.

Recommended tools and supplies: X-ACTO knife, Gem-Tac glue, adhesive tape, and Popsicle stick or other burnishing tool.


Fits City Classics 108 – Crafton Avenue Service Station Click Here!

  • 2 laser-cut rooms
  • 2 warm white LEDs with plugs
  • Service counter and garage details

Note:  You will need to remove the roof or cut away a portion of the structure’s base to insert this kit into an assembled building.


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