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Moloco - HO Scale - PCF 50ft XMI Plate B 10-0 Offset Door Boxcar - Insulated - B-70-10-R - Southern Pacific (SP) #695436 - Repaint SAC-9-79 - Red With White/Yellow/Black Lettering (SKU 504-51026-04)

Available On: June 1, 2022


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In 1959 Pacific Car & Foundry (PC&F) worked with Southern Pacific to design and develop a new series of cars, Insulated Boxcars or RBLs. They started with centered 9-foot doored cars in a Plate B clearance for the canned and food stuffs trade that was needed on a majority of SP and it's subsidiary SSW's service areas. As the design developed over 3 years, in late 1962 a 10-foot offset doored design was designed. Which is the subject of this model.

The entire upper body of the boxcar was riveted together from the bottom sill up, in the 6+5 R pattern. Whereas the underframe was fully welded. These were insulated, had proven 20-inch cushioned underframes,  usually Hydra-Cushion cushioning devices. Many types and configurations and combinations of loaders were used as per customer specifications, but these had their loaders removed and therefore became classified XMI, general purpose boxcars with insulation. Quite a useful thing to have as a general purpose boxcar with out the maintenance headaches of loaders.


Design features faithfully rendered in the assembled car

  • Overhanging Stanray roof or Pullman-Standard roof with CORRECT Roofwalk and crossover platform types for each roadname
  • Perfect to prototype PCF versions of Stanray R3-4 riveted ends, with separate roofwalk end bracket
  • Usual lettering differences per car number apply where they occur
  • NEW car sides PCFsignature rivetted, with PCF style ladders, with specific prototype door stops, door gussets and sill design
  • Accurate Moloco's cushioned draft gear coupler boxes
  • Specific cushioning devices and associated underframe layout and details dependent on roadname, including another first for moloco, Delivery as well as Rebuild style underframes
  • NEW MOLOCO 70t Roller Bearing trucks, Ride-Control, Barber or National style trucks matching protoype applications
  • Rubber airhoses the first in the industry by Moloco



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