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American Z Line - Z Scale - EMD E7A-B Set - Union Pacific (UP) - #998-962B - Yellow/Gray (SKU 163-64600-2)

Available On: December 1, 2021


Z Scale


The UP E7s are being released as A&B sets. Both the A&B are powered. Three road numbers are available.  

64600-1 UP EMD E7A & E7B 990, 961B A - B Set

64600-2 UP EMD E7A & E7B 998, 962B A - B Set

64600-3 UP EMD E7A & E7B 999, 963B A - B Set 

The EMD E7s feature AZL’s 7mm motor, dual flywheels, metal steps, directional controlled LED lighting, optional front truck with mounted coupler, blackened metal wheels, AutoLatch couplers and they come DCC ready. 



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