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Moloco - HO Scale - GA 50 ft RBL 10-6 Offset Plug Box Car w/ Narrow Door Rods - 7th Run - Delivery NEW 12-63 - Equipco LD - Chicago Great Western (CGW) #516 - (Rtn. CGW Rochester, MINN.) Libby, McNeil & Libby - Brown, Yellow w/ Yellow Lettering (SKU 504-13010-01)

Available On: January 1, 2023


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Yes, we are going back to our roots of our RTR, some re-visitations of road names we have run before .... BUT.... with a twist. See the details of the twists below.

CGW- the first run was the Sill 2 design with 10' doors, this one Sill 1 design with 10-6' doors.

Conrail - we ex-EL cars in their first appearance, now this one is ex-NYC.

EL - We did as delivered cars in the first run, now we are adding the yellow CUSHION CAR and/or DF logos with return stencils which were added soon after delivery.

RI - the first run had LD loaders, these have DFB and have the narrow door rods 

ROCK - we used the ROUTE ROCK logo the first time around now the THE ROCK on these narrow door rod versions.

ART (N&W and TPLX) - we ran delivery schemes before now we have gone to the 1970/71 repaints in full orange schemes and with their variations.



  • Differing lettering placements for individual car numbers for repainted cars
  • Car number specific handbrakes and other details
  • Durable rubber air hoses and metal corner stirrups
  • 70t trucks with metal wheels and axles, type matched to prototype
  • Highly detailed Stanray ends
  • Researched accurate lettering, from the smallest stencils to the nuisances of repainted cars
  • Kadee ”Scale” Whisker couplers





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