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American Z Line - Z Scale - Passenger Car Set - Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) - Santa Fe "El Capitan" 11 Car Set (SKU 163-72221)

Available On: January 1, 2022



Z Scale


AZL 72221 ATSF El Capitan | 11-Car Set

Our Santa Fe El Capitan models the train as it appeared in August of 1956. It includes a typical consists of Baggage, Dorm / Hi-Level Transition, Step-Up Hi-Level Coach, Hi-Level Coach, Dining and Lounge cars. The last Step-Up Coach includes a rear drumhead logo of the El Capitan. The packaging includes cavities for four EMD F3/7 units in an A-B-B-A configuration that was typical motive power for the Santa Fe’s El Capitan.

Car numbers in this set are: 3466, 3478, 531, 701, 724, 575, 650, 711, 717, 720, 537


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