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Wheels of Time - N Scale - 53ft 6in Bulkhead Flatcar - Southern Pacific (SP) - GBEC 1964 - Class F-70-12-R - Stencil date 3-78 - ACI label - Road Number 507775 (SKU 805-50144)

Available On: June 1, 2023

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N Scale

These 53'-6" flatcars were constructed with a welded fish belly steel frame in contrast to the cast steel GSI frame. The fish belly frame provided an optimal distribution of tension and compression forces from the center of the car to the bolsters. Think of it as a bridge. In addition, fabricating a welded frame was far less labor intensive than an equivalent riveted frame. The welded frame proved extremely durable holding up to rugged service. As these flat cars aged-out due to ARR interchange age limit, they found it's way into many years in maintenance-of-way service. A number of builders constructed these flat cars such as the Pacific Car & Foundry (P.C. & F.), Marine Industries (Canada), Pullman-Standard, Bethelehem Steel, and including railroad car shops such as the Western Pacific.

They were designated as FM by the AAR mechanical people. They carried anything bulky that can't be placed in a box car -  from finished lumber to machinery equipment.
Wheels of Time N scale 53-ft 6-in Welded Fish Belly Flatcar Features - 
• Properly weighed cars for smooth derailment-free running
• Proper ride height
• Body-mounted knuckle couplers
• 33" metal wheels for smooth rolling
• Internal steel plate so loads can be attached with magnets
• Extra fine details
• Sharp paint, lettering, car numbers to match the real thing
• Multiple car numbers for fleet owners for realistic train operations
In 1977 - 1978, Southern Pacific shops rebuilt 66 (1963-64 built) SP Class F-70-12 flatcars with bulkheads like the originally built GBEC SP Class F-70-26 bulkhead flatcars. They were renumbered as SP 507733 - 507799 series and with an added “R” to it’s original class. They were 48’-6” between bulkheads.
  Southern Pacific, GBEC 1964, Bulkhead Flatcar, Class F-70-12-R, Stencil date 3-78, ACI label; 10 car numbers
50137 SP 507700
50138 SP 507713
50139 SP 507727
50140 SP 507732
50141 SP 507756
50142 SP 507761
50143 SP 507769
50144 SP 507775
50145 SP 507780
50146 SP 507794
50187 SP 3-pack  (Unique Number)
50188 SP 10-pack   (All 10 Numbers)

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