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Micro-Trains - N Scale - Pullman-Standard PS-2 2-Bay 2,003 cu. ft. Covered Hopper - Western Pacific (WP) - #11303 - Gray/Black (SKU 489-09500022)

Available On: February 1, 2023


N Scale


During the mid-1950’s, Pullman-Standard developed a revolutionary all-welded steel, 2,003 cubic-foot two bay covered hopper that would become one of the most popular cars of its type with railroads and private industry. The PS-2 had a dividing wall inside so multiple products could be carried at the same time and its 8 round hatches allowed for quick, efficient loading. It was designed to haul everything from powdered chemicals, to grains, to construction materials such as sand or cement. Versatile and durable, this car continued in revenue service into the early 2000’s, and was sometimes found later in MOW service.


  • Prototypically accurate paint schemes & markings
  • Body mounted Magne-Matic couplers
  • 33” factory-installed metal wheels
  • Fine-scale cored-through walkway
  • Correct ride height
  • Separate roof hatches
  • Over 25 factory installed parts

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