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Nov 14, 2018 - N Scale

PWRS Exclusive Micro-Trains CP Rail (CP) 89' Tri-Level Closed Autorack (Update)


Dear N Scale Modelers: Micro Trains has just sent us the images of the new CP Autoracks, they did a great job. These cars were originally used for domestic car service only and have never been done in N Scale. They now travell all over North America because of the North American Free Trade Agreement. the cars should  be here next week. There are only a few sets left. Note the rust. Enjoy.


Micro Trains PWRS Special Run CP Autoracks Group Shot

Micro Trains PWRS Special Run CP Autoracks Group Car 1

Micro Trains PWRS Special Run CP Autoracks Group Car 2


Micro Trains PWRS Special Run CP Autoracks Group Car 3


For the first time, a Canadian Pacific autorack, with a black base, that's never been produced, is now going to be available for N Scale customers!  This unique car is to be produced by Pacific Western Rail in conjunction with Micro-Trains.  As usual, this is a limited run and will not be run again.

CP Rail autorack

This 89ft tri-level closed autorack is black with gold screens, white lettering and a CP Rail placard, and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This design became the universal standard for most railroads by the mid-1970s, as it prevents vandalism and pilferage and helps to protect vehicles from the elements and is commonly used to this day.


  • Limited one time production run of these 4 road numbers
  • Micro-Trains trucks and couplers
  • Accurate painting and printing with correct road numbers for each paint scheme.
  • Cars will feature moderate weathering to reflect real world appearance

Limited Run PWRS – Micro-Trains 3-car Runner Pack

Reservations Due By: March 31, 2018

Expected August 2018

Micro Trains New Release Flyer Oct 2018

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