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Oct 12, 2019 - HO Scale

Rapido - HO - New VIA Rail FP7A - PWRS Exclusive! Update - LAST ONE!



Dear HO Scale Customers:

Rapido sent us this morning images of the Special Run Via Rail # 1418.

One of our customers made the comment....." there really is a unique differene once you see the engine with its red horns and blue band around the windows".

Remember we only built 98 copies of the engine, it wil not be reproduced. The engines have left Rapido and are in transit to us.









Dear HO Scale Customers:

We were told by Rapido today that the Special Run Via Rail FP7A's are in Toronto and are about to be shipped to PWRS. For those of you who are new to PWRS this is a unique Via Rail Unit made for us by Rapido and is a one of a kind with Blue windows.

The regular run of Via Rail FP7A are in stock now......Click Here to see what available



Dear Customers,

We were asked by Rapido today if we would like to have an exclusive, totally unique Via FP7A engine for which Rapido has had many requests. Here's the background:

In the 1970s, Canadian Pacific transferred ownership of several locomotives to VIA Rail Canada. The official changeover occurred in 1979, but CP began repainting the locomotives in VIA colours in 1978. FP7 1418 was probably the first CP F-unit painted in VIA colours, because they didn't get it right! The blue of the carbody was extended onto the roof and around the windshields. 1418 carried this unique paint scheme throughout its VIA career.

We are only building 100 of the engines.

Check out the pictures:

Via 1418 - Courtesy of Dave Love

VIA 1418 - Picture Courtesy of Dave Love


Via 1418 - Courtesy of Brian Schuff

VIA Rail 1814 - Picture Courtesy of Brian Schuff

Of Course We Wanted It!  Don't You?

Limited Quantity Production For This Extraordinary VIA Rail FP7






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