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Sep 22, 2020 - N Scale

Micro-Trains - N Scale - PWRS Exclusive - Procor (PROX) Green Tank Cars Weathered & Faded


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Dear N Scale Customers:

- Shipping Update -

Due to the fires in Oregon and Micro-Trains being affected by the fires, the estimated delivery dates were adjusted. 


We know many of our customers didn't get a chance to place their orders by the deadline, if you still want your own set, now is the time to place your orders, they will not last on the shelves very long!


We are lining up to sell out before we even receive them!
If you didn't place your orders you need to now!




Last year we announced and released 2 different 4 cars sets of Green TILX Tank Cars. Here is an image of the cars.

TILX Tank Car with Procor car beside 6 reflector version

TILX 262240 8 reflectors Green

Notice the Green Procor cars along side. Well a few customers have asked if we would make up a set of tank cars weathered and filthy in Procor to accompany their TILX cars.

We have images of cars in two different schemes

with Procor Graphics


without Procor Graphics


 So we will make the 4 car set with 2 of each version. This will make an excellant addition to the original sets we released.

Notice also the top 1/2 is filthier than the bottom.

PS: If you want the original TILX cars we have 2 sets left of Set #1 489-11090039 Click Here! and 1 set left of Set #2 489-11090040 Click Here! each. Remember the two different TILX sets have variations in the number of reflective strips.



For a complete list of all of our special Run Micro Trains products.....Click Here

Reservations Due By: May 31st, 2020

Expected Release: October 2020 August 2021

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