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Walthers (Lifelike/Proto) has announced new GP18's. Here are the details;


Proto N Disesl EMD GP 18

Available October 1, 2006
* Upgraded Tooling
* Revised DCC-Friendly Mechanism w/Clip-Fit Circuit Board
* High Short Hood
* With or Without Dynamic Brakes as Appropriate
* All Wheel Drive & Electrical Pick-Up
* Accumate(R) Knuckle Couplers
* Dual Machined Brass Flywheels
* Constant Intensity & Directional Headlights
* RP-25 Wheels - Operates on Code 55 or Larger Rail
* Heavy Diecast, Split-Frame Chassis
* Five-Pole Skew-Wound Motor

Although EMD had been the last major builder to introduce a hood unit diesel, its GP7 proved to be exactly what many railroads were looking for. In turn, the GP7 was replaced by the more powerful GP9, and in 1959, the 1800-horsepower GP18 took its place. All three models shared the same basic and boxy but practical styling. The two 48" radiator fans found on late production GP9s were carried over to the roof of the GP18, but these new models had metal grids over the air intakes, replacing the so-called chicken wire screens used on the GP7 and 9. By this time the market was beginning to move in two directions and EMD responded with two models, the GP18, and the 2000-horsepower GP20 for roads that wanted faster and stronger units for important mainline service. The GP18 remained in production until 1963 when it was replaced by the GP28 with its completely restyled 35-Line body.