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Dear HO Modelers: We recently had a conversation with Kadee regarding doing more Canadian Roads for our Customers, who model CP and CN.

Kadee is contemplating producing multiple road numbers of the Canadian Pacific Railway Boxcar Brown PS1 40' Boxcar with White Script Lettering (pictured below). There will be one road number coming this fall.

Kadee is considering producing 4-6 road numbers. The problem is, Kadee usually produces cars for their large North American Dealer network. Most of the Dealers are from the United States and would not apprciate being autoshipped 6 road numbers of  Canadian Road Names.

Thus Kadee would consider doing multiple road numbers of Canadian Road names providing we "Canadian Modelers" (you don't have to be a Canadian to model CP) wheather we live in the United States or Canada, step up to the plate and support a Canadian Pacific offering.

So for the many of you who often complain "we wish Kadee would do more Canadian items and more than just one road number" here is your opportunity to prove you are serious.

Kadee has asked us to place this announcement up on our web site. They are watching to see how the Canadian Prototype Modelers respond.

We will accept reservations for up to 6 road numbers.




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