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Kato - European Model Special Offer

Dear N Scalers, We're sure many of you heard about the French train that
broke the land speed record for conventional rail trains this last April,
some of you may have even watched the video of the incredible event (and
the blistering speeds it traveled at). Kato is extremely excited to announce
that they will be able to make the TGV SOP, the train whose cars and motive
power the record was broken with, available in limited quantities and at
a special import price for our customer! This (N Scale) 10 car TGV set will be 
magnificently detailed, will have a limited production run (so don't miss
it!), and will be arriving around July/August. Also available, the Trans
Europ Express "Gottardo" locomotive sets, in the striking heritage paint
scheme that this historic Trans-European train ran in! Orders are due with
Kato's European distributor very soon, so be sure to reserve as soon as 
possible! The absolute latest Kato can have orders is June 11th. We expect,
appropriately enough, these trains to move very fast.
Paris-Ostfrankreich-Suddeutschland (Paris - Eastern France - Southern Germany)

The TGV POS is a French TGV train currently under testing for use on the LGV Est
europ enne. 8 TGV Rseau single-deck carriage cars combine with power cars that provide over
12,900 horsepower under 25kV load. This train (though heavily modified for the actual test trial)
has gathered a bit of fame most recently for breaking the land speed record for regular rail trains,
hitting a top speed of over 357 miles per hour, making it the fastest train running on conventional
rails in the world.
The Trans Europ Express (TEE) "Gottardo"
The quadricurrent 6 car RAe TEE II

Built between 1961 and 1967 the last 3 units were in use until 1999. At a speed of up to 160
km/hrs they travelled predominantly on Swiss alpine distances Zurich/Gotthard/Milan, on the
distance Milan/Simplon/Lausanne/Paris (Cis-Alpin) and also as "Iris" and ?Edelwei? between
Zurich/ Brussels/ Amsterdam. Extensively modernized the rail cars travelled in the Eurocity
traffic between Milan/Zurich and Stuttgart as well as Mailand/Lausanne/ Geneva. At this time
they received a light-grey/blue lacquer finish. On behalf of the SBB Historic the Rae TEE 10.53
was revised in winter 2002/2003 to a large extent and travels since June 2003 again in its longknown
TEE creme-red lacquer finish on behalf of the SBB Historic. The Kato model
corresponds to the RAe TEE 10.53 of the SBB Historic.
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