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Dear N Scale Modelers:  Latest news from Kato!

N scale CB&Q NW2 early bird announcement
Following up our ATSF NW2 Switching locomotive comes our NW2 in the "Way of the Zephyr" Chicago Burlington & Quincy paint scheme! Kato will be shipping their pre-release early bird models out to Pacific Western Rail early next week. In the meantime, check out below for item and road number information!

The lettering "Way of the Zephyr" is printed on the right side and "Everywhere West" on the left side of the locomotive. The CB&Q operated from Chicago west to Colorado and was part of the "James J. Hill Lines" which included the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and the Spokane, Portland and Seattle. The CB&Q provided a connection for these roads into the Chicago gateway. This NW2 could be found switching cars from the "California Zephyr", Great Northern trains, and many more. 

With conical exhaust stacks, Phase I riveted air tanks, directional headlights, illuminated number boards, low profile wheels and Kato magnetic couplers.

About the CB&Q NW2:

The EMD NW2 is a 1,000 horsepower yard switcher, its distinctive twin-stack profile and short radiator creating a distinctive silhouette. Perhaps ironic, considering its 1000 horsepower engine, the N in NW2 stood for nine hundred horsepower, with the W designating that it was a welded frame locomotive, instead of a cast frame. The CB&Q NW2s enjoyed a long life of use, not only in switching yards but also moving freight, and were a common sight on lightly-used branch lines. A common replacement on the NW2 were the type of smokestacks installed; the standard short stacks were too low and would often get smoke in the eyes of the operators, and as a result the CB&Q retrofitted its NW2s with taller, untapered stacks (slightly different from the conical long stacks seen on other NW2s).

Roadname specific model features:

- Silver coated tall stacks
- Two sided lettering scheme: "Way of the Zephyr" and "Everywhere West"
- Phase 1 riveted Airtanks

Prototype Information:

EMD?s NW2 switcher?s lifetime was nearly cut short just three years after its introduction, with the establishment of the War Production Board in 1942, which dictated that EMD was to halt all production of switching locomotives, manufacturing only road diesels during the years of 1942 to 1945. However, such was the popularity of this end cab switching locomotive that after the restriction was lifted, the NW2 sprung back as many railroads placed orders for this little 1000hp powerhouse; today these locomotives can still be found enjoying continued service in rail yards.

Model Information:

Kato?s own N scale NW2 replicates each and every rivet of prototype detail with pinpoint precision, while emphasizing low-speed, high-power pulling. It also features directional headlights (without any of the lightpiping equipment intruding on the interior cab detail), low profile wheels, illuminated numberboards, and Kato magnetic knuckle couplers.

Model Features:

All locomotives will be equipped with body mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers
Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards.
Sophisticated lightpiping keeps the visible cab interior free of lighting equipment.
All new motor and mechanism design
Locomotives will be DCC friendly

And now for the great News, All Orders Placed before Next Friday Mar 16th 2007 will qualify for our pre-arrival Early Bird Price, which will be $67.00 usd each. (Limit one pair per customer)

Call Pacific Western Rail Today to Order (866) 840-7777 or order on line.