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Dear N Scale customers, may of you have been wondering what's been going on with our special runs made by Intermountian. as we explained in our Dec 2006 e mail, "due to sheduling and production related issues many of our and Intermountains release dates have been delayed".

Intermountain has assured us the issues which caused these delays (maintenance related) have been resolved and Intermountain has given us a revised production schedule. Here is the second half of the revised N Scale Production Schedule.

In Decmber we promised there would be a further release schedule for the next group of items to be released in the July - Oct 2007 period.

So here is the informtion and copies of the art work that was sent to China (the Factory) re the second group of items and there approx month of release:

These cars should be of interest to our Canadian Pacific Customers. These cars were used by CP Rail Cominco Mining Division which did owe the Cominco Lead/Zinc Smelter in Trail, British Columbia.

Teck Cominco Ltd - Teck Cominco Limited is a diversified mining, smelting and refining group and a world leader in the production of metallurgical coal and zinc and is also a significant producer of copper, gold, and specialty metals.

Teck-Cominco (TSX: TEK, NYSE: TCK) is a Canadian mining company. It was formed from the amalgamation of Teck and Cominco in 2001.

Cominco started in 1906 as The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, formed by the amalgamation of several units controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway. CM&S, or "Smelters" as it was often called by investors, changed its name to Cominco in 1966. Cominco's core Sullivan Mine, which began production in 1909, would operate for more than 90 years until its ore reserves exhausted in 2001.

Teck began as Teck-Hughes Gold Mines Limited in 1913, to develop a gold discovery by prospectors Sandy McIntyre and James Hughes at Kirkland Lake, Ontario. The Teck-Hughes Mine would produce for 50 years until 1965. The Beaverdell Mine, purchased by Teck in 1969, went back even further to 1898, and produced silver until 1991.

The association between Teck and Cominco began in 1986, when Teck and two industry partners acquired a shareholding from CP Limited, and culminated with the merging of the two companies in July 2001.

On May 8, 2006, Teck Cominco offered to purchase Inco for $16 billion.

(source wikapedia)

Many of you fellow N Scale Modelers may be wondering why these cars are missing the "Alberta Take a Break Visit..." Slogan with it's corresponding Alberta Town name.

When the Government of Alberta purchased their 1000 grain cars, appox. 40% of the cars where never given the "Alberta Take a Break Visit..." Slogan with it's corresponding Alberta Town name. These cars have never been done. Since it represents an important percent of the total Alberta Grain Car fleet we decided to commision it production.





Dear Union Pacific N Scalers: we were in Denver last year and saw a UP Cement Train Transfer through the Denver area. We noticed all the different reporting marks that made up the train, and noticed some of the cars had "We will Deliver .." graphics on the side. We decided to replicate these cars with all their sultle yet unique differences. Are intent was to biuld a small complete UP Cement Train. We hope you enjoy.