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HO Scale > Custom Painting

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Road Image SKU Description Price Status
1. 999-H0011 PWRS Custom painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD38-2 Detroit Toledo & Ironton (Orange) $300.00 US
2. 999-H0025 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40-2 CNW # 6934 (Operation Lifesaver) $300.00 US
3. 999-H0042 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40 - Soo Line # 752 (White/ Red Nose) $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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4. 999-H0045 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40 CNW # 878 $300.00 US
5. 999-H0046 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40 Chessie System (C&O) # 8402 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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6. 999-H0047 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40 FURX # 3016 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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7. 999-H0049 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40 SF/BNSF Repatch # 6308 $300.00 US
8. 999-H0050-1 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD45 CSX New Scheme Blue Yellow #8486 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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9. 999-H0051 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40-2 MKT # 607 $300.00 US
10. 999-H0053 Custom Painted Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40-2 Snoot CEFX # 3162 (Blue/White Lettering) $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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11. 999-H0064 PWRS - HO Scale - Custom Painted Tankcar - PROCOR 17,360 Gal Tank Car Custom Paint Black/White Lettering $59.95 US
12. 999-H0098 PWRS Custom painted Engine SD40-2 MRL Blue/White/Black #250 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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13. 999-H0100 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - CP SD40-2 Snoot (Beaver Logo) # 5753 $300.00 US
14. 999-H0101 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - Kato SD40 CP Script #5541 (Maroon/Grey) $350.00 US
$249.98 US
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15. 999-H0108 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - Kato SD40-2 Snoot SF/BNSF Repatch # 6860 (x 2), # 6873, # 6870 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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16. 999-H0111 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - CN SD40-2 Regular Cab (New Scheme) # 5374 $300.00 US
17. 999-H0112 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - CN/IC SD40-2 w/o DB Regular Cab # 6104 (New Scheme) $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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18. 999-H0119 PWRS Custom Painted Loco - SD40-2 Grand Trunk Blue and Red #5934 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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19. 999-H0137 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 CN (ex IC) # 6254 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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20. 999-H0139 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - Kato SD40-2 CN (wih Map/Snow Shields) # 5366 $300.00 US
21. 999-H0140 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 CEFX (ex UP) # 3715 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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22. 999-H0142 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 CEFX Long Nose (ex UP) # 3398 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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23. 999-H0144 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 HLCX (Lease) (ex BNSF) # 8166 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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24. 999-H0147 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 CN (ex IC/ with website address) # 6134 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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25. 999-H0148 PWRS Custom Loco - HO Scale - SD40-2 Electro-Motive Division # 6381 $300.00 US
$199.98 US
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First | Previous | Next | 1 2 | Last | Items: 1 to 25 (45 total)