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Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - 110 ft Motorized Turntable (SKU 933-2851)

Available On: July 1, 2016

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  • 110' (33.5m) length typical of bigger tables built from 1900s on - some still in service today
  • Must-have detail for engine terminals
  • Holds locos up to 15-1/4" (38.7cm) long
  • Layout mounting templates for pit & Cornerstone Turntable Control Box
  • User-friendly, illustrated instructions simplify assembly
  • Requires 15-9/16" (39.5cm) mounting hole to be cut in layout for installation
  • 16-7/16" (41.7cm) overall diameter
  • Control Box included for use on layouts with DC or DCC train control
  • New Cornerstone Turntable Control Box for simple operation & programming with:
    • Programmable indexing for up to 99 different tracks
    • One-touch 180-degree bridge rotation in either direction
    • Simplified LED display with adjustable brightness
    • Operate from up to four locations with add-on Cornerstone Turntable Control Boxes (933-2320 each sold separately)
  • Optional: To control turntable operation with DCC throttle or serial UART controller, purchase Cornerstone Advanced Control Module (933-2321, available separately)
  • Comes complete with motor & Control Box, operates on 12-18v AC, 16-24v DC power supply (power supply not included)
  • Comes with Code 83 rail installed on bridge

Operate turntables (sold separately) from up to four remote locations with additional Control Boxes. Please Note: This unit is designed for use only with the following Motorized Turntables:

$359.98 US