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N Scale > In Stock > Micro-Trains Estate

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Road Image SKU Description Price Status
1. 889-20760-0196 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - Southern Pacific "Overnights" (SP) - #163324 - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains (Jan 1996) $20.00 US
$15.98 US
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2. 889-27210-0394 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - Wisconsin Central "Model Rail" (WC) - #26173 - Special Model Railroader 60th Anniversary Logo (Sold Out at Micro-Trains) $21.15 US
$19.98 US
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3. 889-31192-0599 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - New York Central 3-Pack - New York Central System (NYC) - multiple Rd# - Black/Green - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains (May 1996) $44.35 US
$34.98 US
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4. 889-32250-0397 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - 50ft Standard Box Car - Plug Door Release - New York Central (NYC) - #78824 - Black/Green - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains $16.00 US
$13.98 US
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5. 889-34262-1001 Micro-Trains Estate - 50ft Boxcar Dbl Door Santa Fe 5 pack (ATSF) - Green w/Yellow lettering - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains - Expected Release Date: 2001-10-01 $81.25 US
$69.98 US
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6. 889-59010-0995 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - 40ft Steel Ice Reefer - Pacific Fruit Express (PFE) - #40400 - Boxcar red, orange sides - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains $24.00 US
$19.98 US
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7. 889-65420-1296 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - 39ft Single Dome Tank Car - Belcher Oil (BEPX) - #105 - White - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains $23.95 US
$19.98 US
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8. 889-67150-0300 MT Estate: BN Intermodal Montana BNZ 237884 $26.95 US
$24.98 US
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9. 889-67180-1000 MT Estate: BN Intermodal Dallas BNZ 237833 - Expected Release Date: 2000-10-01 $20.30 US
$16.98 US
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10. 889-93040-1296 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - 3 Bay ACF Center Flow Covered Hopper w/ Round Hatches - Nova Chemicals Sclair (NCLX) - #46542 - Orange/White w/Black writing - VERY RARE CAR - HARD TO FIND ROAD NUMBER - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains - (Dec 1996) $35.00 US
$29.98 US
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11. 889-94160-0999 Micro-Trains Estate - N Scale - ACF 3-Bay Center Flow Covered Hopper w/Elongated Hatches - Great Northern (GN) - #171747 - Light gray w/Black lettering - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains (Sep 1999) $26.55 US
$22.98 US
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